Give Good Ed.

  • In school I was not given actual sex education. Instead I was given a curriculum of abstinence only. I was told all of the awful things that could happen as a result of sex. I wasn’t told about birth control, I wasn’t told about condoms or dental dams, and if Plan B had been on the market I’m sure I wouldn’t have been told about it. A male preacher from a local church taught me and a room full of all girls that sex was great but only if you’re married. There was no mention of what happens if a woman gets pregnant only what types of STDs she could get. We were compared to chewing gum, tennis shoes, flowers, toys, clothes- things you shouldn’t want if they’re used. We were told we should strive not to get “a reputation” and that men didn’t marry girls that had them. I took this class- Xtreme Abstinence- because no other choice was offered. They did not offer it the next year and did not replace it with any other form of sex ed. At the end I was given a plastic card that was meant to resemble a credit card and on the front it said “V-Card”. I made a pledge, signing on the back of the card, that I would only give my “V-Card” to the man I married. I was 13.
  • I don’t understand those that wish to minimize abortion rates but refuse to allow comprehensive sex ed in schools. I don’t get it. Wouldn’t you want women of all ages to able to arm themselves with information? Don’t you want it to be common knowledge that you can get free condoms at most health departments or where you can get free STD screenings? Don’t you want everyone to be able to choose when they have kids, if they want to have them at all? I went to school with girls that didn’t know sex could lead to pregnancy. For real. That didn’t know where to get birth control or condoms. They had rumors and gossip to teach them. “I didn’t think you could get pregnant on your period.” “I didn’t think you could get pregnant if he was on the bottom.” “I didn’t know condoms prevented STDs.”  All actual quotes from my time in high school. I think I can safely say that one of the best ways to prevent abortions is to prevent pregnancies. You are not pro-life if you don’t care about the mother in a pregnancy, you are pro-baby. You are not pro-LIFE if you remove programs meant to help people in poverty get food or medical help, you are pro-birth. If the human becomes less important to you after it starts walking and talking then you are not pro-life, you’re a jerk.
  • We may disagree about when life begins and that’s fine. But can’t we agree that knowledge is power? Can’t we agree that teaching people, especially women, how their bodies work is a good start? And instead of getting into a debate on the internet with friends & acquaintances about who is entitled to which rights and how the government shouldn’t pay for the deaths of babies and how whores that don’t want kids shouldn’t have sex- I’ll do my best to share some damn knowledge. Some resources that cannot be disputed depending on your political leanings. Most are female health related but some you may just need.


  •   National Association of County and City Health Officials directory of local health departments –
  •  – Lists several different birth control methods as well as the side effects commonly associated with them.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention database of free and confidential STD testing near you –
  • Advice & Information for teens about sex, sexual health, and relationships –
  •  Sex Ed resources LGBT inclusive  –
  • Domestic Abuse Hotline –
  • Office on Women’s Health mental health resources –
So there. I didn’t have decent sex ed resources in school so I found some. I hope I helped share some info. If there are any sites I missed that belong with these please let me know. Women’s health is so much more than pregnancy and babies and knowledge is power. Please remember that we’re all just people and some of us have it easier than others. Do your part and share info, not hate.

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