A Few Things.

So yeah, we got married and moved to Georgia. Let’s actually see some stuff.

wedding1. We got married. Like I said before, bargain rack dress, already owned suit, lots of candles, and plenty of champagne. For all the sappy stuff and more specifics about the beautiful day go read the previous post. Loved it, love him, love you guys.

2. We moved to Georgia. Toby got a job offer down here in Georgia and took it! We found a really great place that is pretty close to where Toby works and it is affordable and amazing. I don’t quite feel comfortable putting up a picture of WHERE we live but I’ll show you the view.

This was my first morning in Georgia with my new husband. It really made me feel like I was making the right decision and that I could definitely do this.

That back porch view ain't nothing to sneeze at.

Yeah, the sunrise is something else here.

3. Leaving home meant leaving my job. No I haven’t found a permanent job down here yet and that’s ok. I temped where Toby works for a few weeks and just know that the school has been around since 1969 and the original building burned down a few years ago. It left a burning of what was painted on the walls and it’s awesome.


So there’s all that. Now let’s move on to a few things I’ve learned. I’ve been married for about 2 months now and that makes me pretty much and expert right?

  • Kroger has an app (I already knew about this but still) and you can load coupons directly onto your card. Also with the app, if you forget your actual Kroger card like I do, there is a screen you can access that serves as your card. They scan it and the coupons are automatically applied to your checkout. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.
  • Couponing is a skill yet to be mastered. I’ve given it a try and saved a few dollars with it but it’s a goal to get the store to pay me to take a product. That’s the American dream, right?
  • Crockpots are a gift from heaven. My mom gave us a Crockpot as a wedding gift and we use it probably once a week. IT CAN JUST DO SO MANY THINGS!! It is also exceptionally easy to clean. I LOVE it. LOOOOVE it.
  • My husband can cook. I knew he could cook breakfast food, he’s a pro at some fried egg sandwiches, but he can throw down some skill in the kitchen.

Do you see? Man can make some food. Tasty, tasty food.

  • Things are expensive. I knew that generally things were expensive but good lord, knock it off people. We needed a soap dispenser and the cheapest one at the store was $2. Now, $2 is not bad but this thing was UGLY. I’m not about to pay any amount of dollars for something that I don’t like. The cost of things has led me to become even more interested in making things myself. This leads me to my next point.
  • A Softsoap dispensing pump fits perfectly onto a Crown Royal bottle. Also, the label of the Crown Royal bottle comes off just fine with water. Toby’s dad gave us a bottle of delicious Regal Apple Crown Royal for our wedding and when we had emptied it I decided it would be good for soap.
  • Shampoo is something you just have to buy and shop for value. In the shower one day I think to myself, “Ya know, I would really love not to waste so many plastic bottles with shampoo and conditioner. I bet I can make my own and put it in a glass bottle. I’m an Earth Saver.” So naturally, I went to Pinterest and got to searching. I found a recipe that I liked. It called for Castille Soap (beautiful thing, look it up), olive oil, and honey. I put it in an old stir fry sauce bottle and got to bathing. I will say that yes, it did clean my hair. It achieved the desired goal. BUT I felt that I still needed to use conditioner because my hair was painfully tangled after I towel dried it. It did smell good, I used orange Castille soap so I kind of smelled like a baked orange roll. In a good way. So, because I wasn’t doing anything particularly dirtying I didn’t wash my hair until 2 days later. This is where we learned that it was a bad idea. I open that bottle and THE NASTIEST DAMN SMELL CAME OUT AND PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE. I didn’t think olive oil or honey could be combined with anything and smell so NASTY but I managed it. Also it separated in the bottle and both layers are this scary brown/orange color and I’m afraid to touch it.

See? Nasty.

  • Scotch clear adhesive squares are pure garbage. Just don’t waste your time on them. Pure garbage. They don’t even hold up paper. They are deceivingly sticky when you are applying them to whatever it is you’re trying to hang up but once it’s on the wall you have 15 minutes to an hour to appreciate your work and then you get to watch it crash to the ground. Or if you’re as lucky as we were, it will come crashing down in the middle of the night and you’ll get to see how good your imagination is at coming up with things that could be happening in the living room at 1 in the morning.
  • Never judge that one family member that has photos all over their fridge and house. Moving just over 6 hours away from family can really make you miss them and it’s pretty obnoxious to go to Facebook or your phone every time you miss their face. Our fridge is plastered with family members pictures and we have photos on the walls and in frames placed throughout the home so that no matter where you sit you won’t feel lonely. It really helps on those hard days to be able to look up and see some cute faces.

To be fair, one of these is an otter with a magnet on it. We still like it though.

We are enjoying ourselves so far, don’t worry about us one bit. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated when we feel like it.


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