So We Got Married.

If someone had asked me a year ago what I thought I would be doing in March of 2015 my answer would have been so far from what ended up happening. Like, laughably wrong. If a year ago someone said, “Hey Rebekah, this time next year you’re already going to be married, living in southeastern Georgia, and be a lot more into DIY crafting than the average human,” I would have questioned their sanity. BUT here we are. Married, in southeastern Georgia and getting judged for making and trying my own homemade shampoo. Shall we?

So the last blog post I made was in May of last year where I was talking about wedding planning and dress buying for a wedding that was supposed to happen in May of THIS year. Obviously that did not go as planned. Instead of having a medium-sized wedding in an expensive, beautiful gown with my bridesmaids beside me in the church I’ve gone to my whole life we had something way cooler. We got to get married on New Years Eve, I was wearing a black, clearance rack dress, and we were in the foyer of one of our best friends homes. I am so glad it happened that way. ¬†Because of a job offer that Toby got at the beginning of December 2014 we decided to go ahead and get married and move down for him to take the job. We hadn’t bought any of the costumes for the big wedding so throwing a wedding together in 2 weeks was only mildly super hard.

We were legally married on New Years Eve around 9 in the morning by the county clerk in Lebanon, TN. Romantic right? Our plan had been to get a friend to officiate but because of our county’s specific laws his officiant background was not up to par. WHATEVA. So we did a courthouse wedding and decided to have the ceremony part in the friend’s house. Because of the size and time restraints we didn’t want anyone to rush to find a dress or suit and spend extra money after the holidays so we stood up there with only the “Officiant”. He was in his military uniform and we looked hella fresh so don’t fret. We had a beautiful little ceremony where we read our vows that we’d written and then like 5 minutes later we went and drank champagne and had cake and it was delicious.

Time for shoutouts? I think so! First- The Rhodes family. They let us use their home to have our wedding. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the biggest favors you can do for a person. Like ever. Mama Rhodes- you helped plan, coordinate, cook, light candles, yell at people, set up, clean, joke, hug, and party. I know we’ve already thanked you a lot but seriously, we will owe you forever. Caroline- you freakin’ decorated your front hall like a pro, you figured out the music situation, you drove, you talked, you also yelled with your mother a little bit, you worried so I didn’t have to and you refused to let us do anything in return. You are truly one of the best people in the world and everyone should be jealous of how good you are to me. Eric- you fiddled with cameras and skype so Toby’s brother would get to “be there” for our big day. It’s talent that I don’t have and the wedding would not have been the same without it. I’m sure I speak for several people when I say that gosh darn you are tall now and I appreciate all that you did. Papa Rhodes- you reminded us that we didn’t have to cut the entire cake ourselves (Hero of the hour) and you were super cool about a bunch of weirdos inhabiting your home and having a huge party. You guys all rock and treated us like family. We love you so much!

Ashton- Holy balls, what do I even say? Everyone should have a friend like you. You were my wizard. If I needed ANYTHING you had already thought of it and had it ready. Water, chair, champagne, pizza, cake, tissues, flask of booze, ugh I can’t even remember all of the amazing things to put in this list. PLUS you gave me one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts ever and getting to see it every day helps remind me of how luck I am. I hope that when you get married that I can come close to being as amazing as you were for me.

Meg- I can’t even. Literally anything I asked you to do you were just like, “Sure I can do that.” Show up and help set things up? Sure. Paint our fingerprint guest book with a theme specific to us? Sure, watch out it will make you cry with how beautiful it is. Take pictures of our wedding and reception with like 2 days notice? Uh-huh, lemme show you how beautiful you people are. You were and continue to be so damn generous with your time and talent and whenever you find someone as equally amazing to marry then you can bet your ass that I am yours to use.

Now to wrap up my shoutouts, please don’t be offended you didn’t get a whole big paragraph, I still love you and appreciate you I just don’t remember all of the amazing things all the amazing people did and I apologize.

Aunt Fanny- You’re amazing and I love you. We don’t get to see each other that often but when we do you make sure it’s a memorable time. Papa Hickey- You brought the booze that made the party and you showed up in a cool hat. You have always supported us and been more than generous and this sentence doesn’t do justice to all that you’ve done for us. Mom- I am so glad you got to be there with me. You helped us with clothes and smiles and I wish that there had been more things for you to do. You were calm and sweet the whole evening and I will always strive to be like you in my everyday life. Samuel- Big brother, you rock. You gave me away to my wonderful husband. We both know that if our dad was still alive that he would have had that job but since you told me that you’d do it when I was 12, I’m really glad that you were able to. Kenny- even though you didn’t get to actually officiate our wedding you still “officiated” it and were awesome. You looked super fresh in your dress blues and I am so glad that we got to have someone we love up there with us on the big day. Xander- The most beautiful gentleman of the evening (groom excluded, sorry) you were our ring bearer and comic relief. You helped keep us sane and gave us the cutest freakin’ aprons in the world. Casey- unfortunately you had to work pretty much right up til the ceremony BUT you came and that’s what matters. It was so good to have you there for the ceremony and reception and the party truly wouldn’t have been as awesome without you.

Uncle Brooke and Aunt Rhonda- our wedding and new life together would not have been possible without you two. I won’t go into specifics here but we literally would not have been able to do what we did without you and we are so grateful to you. We love you so much and are so glad to have people who love us so much in our lives.

This post was going to be more about our life post-wedding but there was just too much to cover about the wedding. We know it was a small ceremony and truly regret not being able to have all of our family and friends over but we know that you still celebrate with us and love us just the same.


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