Wedding Stuff!

The other day I went to David’s Bridal to make sure the wedding dress I had picked was the one that I actually wanted. I brought along two of my bridesmaids, Ashton and Caroline. Bridesmaid #3 is currently in New York and Matron of Honor was working so we went with what we had! Ashton went with me on my first trip and had pretty much figured out which bridesmaid dress she like best so really only Caroline had choosing to do. Caroline found a dress that suited her extremely well and Ashton, I think, came to a final decision on her future dress. They both looked AMAZING and I really am way more excited now that I can picture what my ladies will look like standing up there with me!

Oh and yes, I made my final decision on my wedding dress. They made me close my eyes and make a wish (still wearing the wedding dress) and then ring a bell. I’m not saying it was super emotional and beautiful but everybody was freaking clapping amd looking at me like a freaking princess so YEAH it was super emotional and beautiful.

Originally the bridesmaids were going to wear black dresses with colored shoes but after some swatch wrangling we decided it would be best to go with black shoes and have the color somewhere else on their person. Also I don’t want my bridesmaids to hate me for having to pay some good money for a pair of shoes they will only wear once. That’s also why I’m going with the black bridesmaids dresses. They are more likely to wear that color again later in life.

Look at me and Caroline look at things! I’m even pointing at stuff!

I’m so happy I got to go with them to pick their dresses and I’m extremely glad that they are willing to be a part of my wedding planning process. Also, they keep me sane with their humor and jokes and whatnot. Now, I promised Ashton I wouldn’t put this picture on Facebook but I said NOTHING about the blog. So Ashton, please still love me after reading this post, you’re amazing and this picture is worth the momentary hate you will feel. Let’s call this a test to see if you read my blog.

We were talking about how trashy this dress was and Ashton demonstrated the benefits of having a dress that only goes to your crotch.
We were talking about how trashy this dress was and Ashton demonstrated the benefits of having a dress that only goes to your crotch.

Also, how about this post has pictures?! I finally decided to share images from my world with you people! Get excited! Whoooo! Now for the whining!

So yeah, the wedding industry is a behemoth that needs to be taken down. While I am perfectly willing to pay what I’m paying for my dress, I wasn’t ok with everything that came with it. First- the alterations department at David’s Bridal could use a lesson in tact. I’m not a tiny person, I am plus size. I’ve struggled with this my whole life and yes, I am attempting to change this. So I have on this dress that makes me feel like a princess and I get the alterations people out there and one asks “So are planning on…Changing….any….” For everyone’s sake I went ahead and cut her off and informed her that I was hoping to lose weight, yes, and wanted to know how it may impact alteration pricing. But lady, it kinda hurt. She was scanning my body while she said it so she wouldn’t have to say “it”. I am learning to love myself every day and I know that the hardest part of loving myself is going to be loving my body. Obviously my body does not stand in the way of others loving me, that’s clear from the amazing Toby and my equally amazing friends and family. David’s Bridal, maybe just give your alterations department a lesson in phrasing. It really makes me sad because finding the dress and getting to work with the sales people was such a positive experience.

Secondly- not only did I start paying for my dress but I got a “vendor bag” at the checkout. Basically it was a bag of pamphlets and flyers for other wedding services and registry stores. There were flyers for gym services and jewelry stores. There was even a flyer that informed me that I could pay someone else to do the name change process for me. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY there was chocolate. Not just any chocolate but Skinny Cow chocolate. And as it was handed to me the clerk said, “Oh and there’s skinny cow in there, we saved you some calories there.” By the way, this clerk seemed to be more required to say this than to think I needed to know so there’s no ill feeling there. I can dig the chocolate, I ate it and it was delicious. But the stereotype was kinda annoying. I like the idea of giving me chocolate as I shell out serious money for this gown but maybe give the choice of regular chocolate or low calorie. Giving out low calorie chocolate makes it seem like if you’re shopping for a wedding dress you should be watching your weight. And while that’s true for me it may not be true for some smaller brides and may send them the wrong message. Also something something about women and chocolate and happiness something something it makes David’s tricky because chocolate releases positive endorphins and we’re more likely to direct that positivity at the shopping something something it’s just tricky is all.

Third point here – gimme some damn large size shoes. I have sasquatch feet, man feet, tugboats, another popular way to say I GOTS BIG FEET. Yes I want to look like a dainty princess when I walk down the aisle but to do that I need to have appropriately sized shoes. I’m just saying David’s Bridal- step up your game. GET IT?!?! HUMOR!

IN SUMMATION I generally like how things are going with the wedding planning and shopping so far. I would love any ideas on how not to spend money because I refuse to competely give in to the machine that is the wedding industry. I will also accept any delicious finger food/ Hors d’oeuvres recipes/ideas since we are considering doing our own reception food. Please pray for my crazy ass.


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